Thursday, April 3, 2014

Outdoor Spaces - A Giveaway to help - Retreat, Play & Relax - Month 4, Week 1

April is when we think of spring - especially here is the East - the temperature is starting to warm up, we see buds on the trees, Daylight Savings time affords us more hours of sunshine and we start to think about being outdoors.

But then we look out the window and see how winter has ravaged our backyard and how we need to make it beautiful once again!  So where do we start?

Well, let's start with a giveaway to inspire you.  You all know how much I love Pier One, so I am offering a $25 gift card to one lucky winner this month.   All you have to do it join the conversation!  All this month when you comment on any of my posts, you will get an entry in the giveaway.  The number of entries is all dependent on how much you comment - BUT PLEASE - comments need to be substantive - comment that just have "Enter me" or Hi visiting" are not going to count.  I am excited to have a conversation with you and hope you are too.

So good luck - Giveaway closes on April 28th and the prize will be drawn the following morning - April 29th.  Just in time for some spring outdoor shopping!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Bedroom - Window Treatments - Month 3, Week 4

One of the more difficult decisions when designing a bedroom is “What do I do with the windows?”

This decision can be easily address when you answer the following questions:

1) Do you have a view?
2) Do you have privacy?
3) Does the bedroom get morning or afternoon sun?
4) Does the room need to be dark to sleep?
5) What is the style of the bedroom?

Let’s look at a few different scenarios and solutions:

Your master bedroom is on the first floor in the back of your home, there is no home that can see in directly so you do have privacy.  You are not a light sleeper, so you more than likely do not need the room totally dark in order to sleep.  The room is casual.  What are the best window treatments?

1) Valances only.  They will provide a finish polish to the room without blocking the direct light.  Since there is not privacy or a sleeping issue, the full window does not need to be covered.  Valances can then be chosen to complement the bedspread or contrast with the wall paint.
2) Light filtering blinds could be a lovely addition if you want to have some additional privacy.  The can be left down and just rotated to let in the best amount of light during the day.

Your teenager’s bedroom is on the second floor in the front of the home, the sun shines in the morning but the room gets little light in the afternoon.  The bedroom has a canopy bed and white furniture; it’s a very girly room.  What makes sense here?

1) Lace panel curtains with a room darkening blind underneath.  The room darkening blind will help with the early morning sun, add a sense of privacy and be easily opened in the afternoon to let in the light.  The lace panels can be stationary and would tie in nicely with the rooms style.
2) Sheer panels in a light color and contrasting drapes that can be easily opened and closed.  This provides the chance to add a bit of color and pattern while providing the room darkening and privacy needed.

It really is a simple process once you answer the questions.

If you would like more information on window treatments…..or decorating a bedroom, I’d love to answer them!
Coming in April, outdoor spaces.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Bedroom - Let's talk about Organization - Month 3, Week 3

There are a lot of articles these days about things you could do to organize your space in two minutes, five minutes or if you have ten minutes. But are those five minutes really going to help you build good organizing habits?  The thing that matters the most is that you are working on organizing in the "consistent" way.

As I've talked about an earlier post, it's not just about organizing your space, but getting to the point where the space is so organized that you can automatically do those things that you need to do without taking extra steps!  For example when you take off your shirt - it goes in the hamper or gets put away - and this happens because you put a system in place that works for you. 

Good organization is nothing more than building habits that you're comfortable with and setting up your environment to work within those habits/systems. If you get up every day and make your bed,  that's "organizing" but it's also habit that you formed that makes your bedroom look that much more comfortable at the end of the day. Who wants to walk into a bedroom that's got clothes on the floor, an unmade bed, your children's toys everywhere - none of those things really belong in the space that you want to relax and retreat to.

Organization works best when it works with you.  And developing those systems are not a "five minute fix"!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Bedroom - Designing A Child's room - Month 3, Week2

What is it about a child's room that makes it so difficult?  Is it the transitions - baby - toddler - preteen - teenager?  Is it the fact that you maybe decorating the room for more than one child?  Is it that our taste is not our child's taste?

We all wish we had room to do something like this.....

...or a magical space like this?

Maybe a more modern design that could really grow with them?

and yet, we often feel like this is what we end up with!

I'm going to extremes here, but as a decorator I do understand the struggle to create a space that reflects your child, can grow with them, yet keeps to a budget that makes sense for your family.

For every design/decorating project there are five basic steps and this week we can talk about two of them that are integral to a child's room. The five steps are:

1) Set a budget
2) Choose a color scheme (for a child's room that may be a theme)
3) Create a room board including the layout
4) Choose the big pieces of furniture
5) Accessorize & Organize

Step 2 - Choosing a color scheme or theme:  This is where you really need to work with your child (at least age 5 and up) so you can understand favorite colors, tv shows, books, movies or whatever! You can then work within that to build a room that can be appealing to them now and grow with them later.  For example, if the favorite thing of your 5 year old daughter is Disney princesses and purple, then you can begin work on step 3 armed with that information.

Step 3 - Create a room board including the layout. Have you child collect pictures of things that match the colors or theme and create a board.  On graph paper, measure out the room and use paper cutouts for the furniture you are considering.  Ensure that you check before purchasing furniture that is too bog or too small.  
Use that board as your child grows - paint the walls a neutral color that fits the theme but can be used as the room changes....Accessories are key in changing the look of a room as a child grows and that board will come in handy!

Devonshire Design is here to help - questions?  Want more information?  Just let me know.....

Coming up next, using these steps to design your bedroom!