Thursday, July 23, 2015

4 Quick Closet Improvements You Can Do Today

What's better than a sunny day in July?  A sunny day where you find everything you need in your closet!

So, in that vein, here are 4 quick tips for improving your closet that can be done in one day or less.

1) Color code your clothing.  No matter if it's in baskets or on hangers, it is much easier to get dressed when your clothes are together by color.  Does not matter the season, just the color.  So, hang all those red shirts together, all those brown pants and skirts together, etc.  When you step into your closet, you can find the row of brown bottoms and match them up with the perfect red shaded top!

2) Replace Plastic/Store Hangers with Non-Slip Hangers  Small as it seems, these velvet non-slip hangers make all of the difference in the world.  You can go crazy and get different colors for different types of clothing or just get one color for ease of use/re-use.  I like this style, but there are many out there to choose from.
By the way, you can donate those plastic hangers to a thrift store or to your local church to use for flea markets - they appreciate it and you do not fill the landfills with more plastic.

3) Store Shoes by season and color Just as I discussed above the need for color sorted clothing, you need to do the same with shoes.  All brown shoes, not matter the season, put into on row, same with red, blue and even sneakers (which some may need a closet all to itself!).  As an organizer, I know that shoes are the hardest thing to sort and store, so you need an easy system - trust me - color works!  If you don't have that fancy shoe cubby system, consider something that hangs over the door.

thanks, bb&b for the photo.

4) Don't be afraid to PURGE!  Be assertive with keeping, donating and tossing.  Does it no longer fit?  Donate it, Can't find that matching sock or shoe - Toss it.  Will you never wear that Nehru jacket again, Donate, Donate, Donate.

All of these things can be done in one day or less - you can even do the Purge one bag at a time for an hour.  All of this adds up to making your life easier, everyday.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Six Instant Ways to Improve your Home Organization

I am a firm believer in home organization and I know that there are a thousand blogs out there telling you how to do it, but I am going to share Six instant ways to improve based on the clients that I have worked with over the years.

1)  Put a trash can/recycle bin/shredder in the same place you open the mail.  Nothing starts clutter more than walking in the door with mail, sorting it and leaving the piles on the table.  If you have the proper places to discard, you are already ahead of the game.

2)  Put your clothes away.  After you do laundry, before you go to bed, anytime you change clothing.  Why add an extra step to your day and another pile in your bedroom.  Hang up, put away, throw in the hamper.  There, now doesn't that feel good?

3)  I know that this one may seem silly but, take out the recycling every week.  It does not matter if it's picked up every two weeks or every week, but moving it out of the home, makes everything seem neater.  Especially magazines and newspapers, which can seemingly multiply overnight!

4)  With school at year end, it's time to clean out the school year clutter.  Pick 4 or 5 items that you may want to keep, label them and put them in a larger storage tub for safekeeping.  Then discard everything else, trust me, no one will miss that horsey drawing Max made in 2nd grade.

5)  Date label items in the freezer.  We have all found that chicken pot pie we made two years ago and froze "for later".  Well, two years it a bit too much later and if it had been dated, you could have enjoyed a great meal and saved money by eating it and not tossing it.  Keeping a Sharpie tied to the freezer door helps to accomplish this task easily and serves as a reminder.

6)  Make a designated space for those everyday things that seem to "disappear" in your home.  We all have something - keys, cell phone, school permission slips - whatever it is make a spot and stick to it.  And most of all, don't make it a multi "thing" spot or you defeat the whole purpose.

These are quick and simple changes that can help you everyday to save money, time and headaches.

In the NJ, Eastern PA area?, Looking for help decluttering, organizing or decorating?  Let Devonshire Design, Ltd help you!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Why do I let it Win?

So last year I was churning along, working on my blog when July hit and suddenly the motivation left the table.  I let the inner voice within me win....

"No one reads the blog"

"Your not getting any feedback"

"It's certainly not in the place/space you want it to be"

"Maybe you should just shot the works and give it up"

This inner voice is what I have always called my deep dark hole and while I can usually fight it pretty well, I realized that last year I lost.  I know I had to do something to motivate myself and to control that inner voice.

But I stewed about it (of course) until this past week.  That's when the jewelry company I work with - Cookie Lee - changed their name to ViVi.  I was not sure if I wanted to be excited or sad.  Then I read all of the negative comments and realized I did not want to be that person.  So I scoured all the information I could and I picked up this...

"Playing Big, Finding your Voice, your Mission, Your Message" by Tara Mohr   and I started to read it.

It has blown up how I think.  and I am only about 20% into the book.

I am excited to  share this with you and I am ready to Think and Play Big.....

Join me.  Don't let "IT" win.....


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Main Living Spaces - Your Living Room/Dining Room - Month 6, Week 3

Here are some great resources for more ideas.....

How to arrange a combined space:

How to work with a smaller budget:

Beachy to Modern and great resources:

Small Living Room/Dining room ideas:

It's great to check out lots of resources so you can see what you like and MORE important, what you DON'T like.  Sometimes it's finding the dislikes that really help you key in on what feels more beautiful and comfortable to you.

Remember Devonshire Design, Ltd is always here to help!