Thursday, February 14, 2013

The One that involves Decluttering

As a Interior Decorator, I am sometimes called on to help with decluttering and organizing issues in a home that I am helping to decorate.  But sometimes, you have to remember to do the same thing in your own home.

You know, that whole thing about the shoemaker's children....

So I was very excited to see that my friend over at Raising a Family on a Budget was going to do a 40 Bags in 40 Days declutter event.

So I love her lists and her major planning tool and I know that not only will I be taking advantage of it for myself, but I may do some of it with my clients!

So, my advice - hop on the train and start your declutter can even hire us to help.

Share your results with us....would love to see those filled out lists or piles of bags....Good Luck!

1 comment:

Deborah Napoleon said...

I have done about 10 bags so far!