Sunday, May 26, 2013

The One about Kitchen Islands

I have been consulting with a client on a kitchen redesign and one of the biggest topics of discussion in changing the current inefficient island to something useful and beautiful.  Luckily for me, they are open to ideas, but the overall feel is "modern with traditional touches".

So I have been searching the web for different islands and I wanted to share some of the most interesting ones I have found along the way.

I love this first one, the stainless steel look contrasts nicely with the wood and it would work great in a larger space.  Plus it would look amazing with stainless appliances.  I really like the idea of the chef being on display while friend/family sit and talk and be an audience.  I think it's a bit too modern for my client, but otherwise quite cool.

Something a little more traditional, great for a smaller space and it can certainly be moved around as needed.   But I think it's kind of plain and does not add much to the design of the kitchen.

The curves of this kitchen island lend it a certain sexiness that makes it stand out in any kitchen.  I love the two level and I think you could again do a cook-top or the sink as shown.  This has a great deal of storage opportunities as well and the wood on the front is natural, not the white as you see.  This fits the client's aesthetic, but I am concerned it may be too big.  Could it be smaller and still as attractive, I'm not sure.

Again, really love the curves, but this one does not seem as functional - I would be concerned that it would be more of a collection area than a real working island.  But it does look great with the stainless steel and with the wood.

Another example of a stand alone piece of furniture.  There is nice storage here, and it does have the modern and traditional elements, but it seems too heavy for a smaller space.

Well, these are definitely some good options...but I still need to keep looking!  What do you think is important when choosing an island?

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