Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Positive One

I was trolling on Facebook a few weeks back and went to a page I had not visited in a while and was surprised to see a post from someone lamenting the end of the group and wondering - in a nice way mind you, how they did not get the same hostess rewards as others in the group.

You see, it was one of those buying groups that last for 12 months and then end.  Except this one ended badly for the December hostess - no rewards.

So I decided to ask her for the information, address and such and let her know to check her mail in a few weeks for a package.  I decided to send her hostess rewards, the amount she would have received from an average party.

It just felt great to send that package out in the mail.  And to be honest, that good feeling inside is more that worth the cost of what she received.

Think about it, how just one idea, one helping hand can be the positive one.

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